D/ESAM 230
Digital Mixer


Graham-Patten’s most cost-effective digital mixer offers powerful performance in a sleek and compact design that integrates a control console and electronics chassis in a single table-top unit. Like the high-end mixer models, the D/ESAM 230 offers programmable device assignments, industry standard ESAM II and D/ESAM IV protocols, simultaneous support for both analog and digital inputs, programmable audio delay, multi-band parametric EQ, full monitoring and metering, and four digital and analog output buses. Features now standard on the D/ESAM 230 that were once available only on the high-end D/ESAMs include send outputs, monitor sub-mixer, fader range, user configuration registers, and D/MEM write protection.

Features include:

  • Analog and digital input architecture
  • Familiar user interface
  • Editor interface
  • Expandable architecture
  • D/MEM register storage & recall


Audio Inputs
Up to 24 input channels, analog and digital mixed.
10; A through H, Aux and R
Audio Outputs
Program: 4 Analog, 4 Digital (2 sets)
Monitor: 2 Analog
Send: 2 Digital
Multi-band parametric with shelving filters and notches
Audio Delay
5 Frames NTSC; 4 Frames PAL, per mixing channel
Tone Generator
Internal, fixed frequency, editor and manual control
Phase Reversal
180° Applied to any channel
Timing Input
Composite sync or video (NTSC/PAL)
2 BNC (Loop-through)
Sample Rate
48kHz (NTSC/PAL) locked to TV field
Transion Rates
0 - 999 Frames
Transion Resolution
Field accurate, 1500 steps per second
D/MEM Registers
Standard: 40 D/MEM Registers plus 5 user configurations, battery back-up
Editor Protocol
4 Channel VU or PPM LED 28 segment bargraph, with adjustable peak indicators.
Internal audio data transfers: 24 bit precision
Internal calculations: 56 bit precision
Analog Program Outputs


DC - Active balanced

Source Impedance:



+22dBu max. into 600Ω or greater

S/THD+N @ -20 dBFS:

S/THD+N @ 0 dBFS:
Signal to Noise:
>100dB @ Digital silence
Frequency Response:
+0 -0.2dB 15kHz-20kHz
± 0.1dB 20Hz-15kHz (Typical)
Crosstalk @ 0 dBFS:
>94dB @ 1kHz
Digital Program Outputs


2 Outputs: Program 1&2 (AES Digital Format, 20/24 bit)
2 Outputs: Program 3&4 (AES Digital Format, 20/24 bit)

Digital Send Outputs


1 Output:Program 1&2 (AES Digital Format, 20 bit)
Audio Connectors
Analog (XLR or 1/4" phono jack), Digital (BNC)
Interface Connectors
Serial 9-pin D sub-min (RS-422)
General Purpose (GPI) 9-pin D sub-min

Control Panel/
Electronic Chassis

16.875"(42.86cm) Wide x 16.25"(41.28cm) Deep
Unit is 5.5"(13.97cm) High at rear, 1"(2.54cm) at front
Allow 2"(5.08cm) for cabling at rear


Voltage Requirements

100 - 240 VAC


50 - 60 Hz

Power Consumption

50 Watts
Operating Temperature
10 - 40°C
Note: 0dBFS = digital clipping.
0dBu = 0.775V rms

Additional resources:

DESAM Help Files

D/ESAM-230 Brochure



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Email:Graham Patten

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