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DESAM Help Files

D/ESAM Software Downloads:

D/ESAM 800/820

D/ESAM 400

D/ESAM 200/230

D/ESAM TEP Program

Determining the Current Software Version Level

To view the current software version on a D/ESAM 800/820 system, press '3' on the keypad, then 'ENTER', to display the Maintenance/Setup screen on the Status Display.

To determine what version of software is running on a D/ESAM 200 or D/ESAM 400 system, press the 'STAT' button (button 7 on the keypad) to bring up the Status screen.


D/ESAM 800/820 (There are three main releases of software)

Version 2: This version is for D/ESAM 800 systems without the delay option.
Chassis: 2.4A
Panel: 2.2
EQ: 2.1
Disk: 2.2

Version 3: This version is for D/ESAM 800 systems with the delay option.
Chassis: 3.6
Panel: 3.2
EQ: 3.1
Disk: 3.1

Version 4: This software is applicable to D/ESAM 820 systems.
Chassis: 4.1F
Panel: 4.1A
EQ: 4.0A
Disk: 4.0A

The primary difference between Version 2 and Version 3 software for the D/ESAM 800 is support for the audio delay and processing loop options. Upgrading from Version 2 to Version 3 on a D/ESAM 800 requires (at least) the purchase of the audio delay option. (See the ordering guides for more details.)

Also note that no further development work is being done on the D/ESAM 800; Graham-Patten recommends the D/ESAM 820 upgrade for customers who would like to upgrade their older 800 systems.

Software for the D/ESAM 800/820 systems is EPROM based, and on some older systems requires the installation of ROM extender modules. For more information on upgrading to the latest D/ESAM 800/820 software please contact Graham-Patten Technical Support.


D/ESAM 400

D/ESAM 400 Version 4.3 Software
The current version of software for the D/ESAM 400. This version includes fader range, addition of 5 user-defined configuration registers, and support for the new 16-input digital module.

D/ESAM 400 Version 4.2 Software
The previous release of software for the D/ESAM 400. It has been superceded by the 4.3 release, and is available here for archival purposes only.


D/ESAM 200/230

The current software version for the D/ESAM 230 is 4.2B. D/ESAM 200 systems (which shipped with 4.1A software) can be upgraded to D/ESAM 230 systems by installing the 4.2B software.

Contact Graham-Patten Technical Support for information on upgrading to the D/ESAM 230 software. The inexpensive upgrade kit consists of a ROM extender containing the 4.2B software ROMs. Installation involves simply snapping the ROM extender into place on the D/ESAM 200 mainboard, a procedure that takes only a few seconds.


D/ESAM TEP Program (.EXE format)
D/ESAM TEP Program
(.ZIP format)

This is the DOS-based terminal emulation program described in the D/ESAM Operation and Installation Guides. It can be downloaded as a DOS executable (.exe) or in ZIP format (which is simply the DOS executable in a ZIP file.) Refer to the Installation and Operation Guides for instructions on how to install and use the program.


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