Graham-Patten SoundPals™ FAQ

Q. What are SoundPals?

A. SoundPals is a family of self contained modules for digital audio conversion, signal processing, distribution, and test.

Q. How are SoundPals modules packaged?

A. All SoundPals modules are housed in a rugged, compact (5.2"W x 1.62"H x 6.625"D) aluminum alloy enclosure. They are finished in a durable powder coat paint.

Q. How are SoundPals modules powered?

A. All SoundPals modules require a 6 volt DC power source. Current draw varies from module to module over a range of 150 -- 750 mA. A mating power connector with locking ring is supplied with every SoundPals module. Optional wall mount and pre-regulated power supplies are available from Graham-Patten.

Q. Can SoundPals modules be battery powered?

A. Yes. Any 6 volt battery capable of delivering sufficient current may be used. Battery power systems suitable for use with SoundPals are available from Eco-Charge (www.eco-charge.com).

Q. Can SoundPals modules be rack mounted?

A. Yes. The model RT-2 rack tray can be used to mount up to three SoundPals modules in only 1RU. The RT-2 includes a single power supply with provisions for a second (backup) supply. The RT-2 is mounted on rack slides to facilitate access to module wiring after the tray has been installed.

Q. How many different modules are there in the SoundPals series?

A. Currently, there are 18 basic SoundPals modules:

Eight channel AES to ADAT converter
Eight channel ADAT to AES converter
Two channel 24-bit A/D converter
•ADLY-4A AES Audio Delay (Balanced)
•ADLY-4B AES Audio Delay (Unbalanced)
AEDM-4 SD AES Audio De-embedder
AEDM-4 HD AES Audio De-embedder
ASDM-4 HD/SDI auto-detect de-embedder to 4 AES audio streams, both balanced and unbalanced
ASDM-8 HD/SDI auto-detect de-embedder to 8 channels of analog audio output
Four output AES distribution amplifier
Two channel 24-bit D/A converter
Two channel digital fader
Two channel 24-bit mic preamp

Four channel digital combiner

Digital test generator
•HDDM-8 High definition eight channel audio de-embedder
•SDDM-8 SDI Audio De-embedder
Video-referenced AES/word clock generator

Many of these modules are available in multiple configurations. Consult the SoundPals section of this web site for details.

Q. What format is used for the digital I/O on SoundPals modules?

A. Both the AES3 balanced and AES3id unbalanced I/O formats are supported across the SoundPals product line. Most modules support both types in a single version. The more I/O intensive modules (DA-14, ADAT-3, ADAT-4, and DMIX-41) are available with either AES3 or AES3id I/O.


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